Thursday, March 4, 2010

Next tilling date: 3/13.

The next section of the garden will be a bear.

The previous tenant made raised beds (well 6" raised) out of stones, so those have to be removed. All old fencing has to be removed, and all old bamboo trellising has to be removed.

In addition to stones, she also used stumps to make small raised beds. The stones and the stumps are perfect places for garden-eating bugs to dwell, so those NEED TO GO ASAP. Then, I have to hoe the entire area. Last time I didn't, and the weeds did not compost as well as I had hoped. So, I ended up spending a lot of time weeding chopped up weeds from the dirt.
Oh, the weeds that need to be cleared....
What a mess.... you can easily see the difference in the photo below between tilled and untilled.
So, on 3/13, the guy with the big tiller returns. I've decided that we're going to till the ground as-is, and then add dirt (nice composted dirt) and then till again to mix it up.

As far as how much we do? That we will see. I'm hoping to get a lot of the area done, but we'll see how far I get on my hoeing. If work continues like this, then I may have to go out before and after work to get the area done in time.

But, it will all be worth it. This immediate area is set for my tomatoes. I love fresh tomatoes, so you'd better bet that I'm going to make sure my seedlings have good homes!

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