Sunday, March 28, 2010

Menu for this next week, a lesson in stupidity and garden schedule

I want to start doing menus for the week, that way we're better about planning stuff out. There are too many nights where I come home, work in the yard, and then we sort of hit 7:30 or so and ask "um, what about dinner?" Dagnabbit.

Though, I did whack/cut/bruise my palm pretty badly today. Note to self: do not try to unjam a staple gun (not the air-powered kind, the squeeze with your fingers, spring-loaded kind) with a screwdriver. While talking on the phone. STUPID STUPID STUPID. Much better idea: Use a pair of pliers to take out individual staples. Apparently, my noggin only starts a-workin' post-painful experience. It's a bit swollen right now and I had to pierce areas of the cut to relieve pressure (too much information?), but I suspect tomorrow it will be tender, but fine. Or my hand will have fallen off overnight. I suspect the former.

Moving on to dinner. Forgive me while I italicize things I need to get.

Monday is a freebie: It's B's birthday and we're going out. Might as well start the better planning on an easy week, right?

Tuesday: Falafels. Which means I need to get cilantro dressing at the store. I also want to start having salads with meals, so I need salad fixings too.

Wednesday: Pasta with pesto and chicken. I'll probably add some fresh tomatoes too, which I'm getting for Thursday's dinner.

Thursday: Yumm bowls with maybe some leftover pasta from Wednesday. More on Yumm bowls when I make them. But, that means I need to get dried beans, tomatoes, salsa and cilantro. I'll need to start the broth and fix up the crock pot for Friday on this night.

Friday: It's supposed to rain this week.... and rain and rain, so I think I'll make crock pot soup during the day. Plus, I can use up some chicken I have, as well as finish the falafel off by plopping it in the soup. I'll still need some veggies for soup though.

My friend also has some pumpkin for me, so I'll be making pumpkin bread too.

There! I have my grocery list. Let's see how much I stick to it. I'll need to make broth out of the duck I cooked last week. I bought some new lids and my pressure canner is clean, so I guess chicken broth will be duck broth this time around! I think I'll be able to make about 6-7 quarts of broth from the duck.

My peas are getting huge in the laundry room (apparently it's a pea paradise in there or something), so they're being acclimated for outside (out during the day, inside at night). I planted my snow peas today (photos to come), but I need to get my other two types planted. One bed still needs to be filled, and two trellises need to be made. There should be a rain break on maybe Wednesday, but likely Thursday. BAH. Looks like I'll get a lot of plants planted then this week. My poor laundry room will overflow.