Friday, March 5, 2010

Perfume Oil: One Love

New perfume, and I am in love. For years, I only used Auric Blends' incense sticks. My favorite one was their scent called "one love."

I'd been hunting around on ebay for perfume bottles that you screw on a top (like a flask) and carry the small 1-2ml container vial in your purse. But I wasn't entirely enamored with the idea because a) spills, and b) the perfumes are still alcohol based, and would smell up a room. Having put up with many a doused woman over the years, I did not want to be one of those women who overpower and annoy others with her scenty smell.

Then yesterday, I was at the store and saw these oil containers by the incense. First, it's oil, not alcohol. It has a roll-on applicator, just like some oily lip glosses. So, you put the perfume on your wrists or neck, and DONE. I just put it in my purse and I'm good to go!

I still use Rice Flower and Shea Scent, but it's not really a perfume. It's more of a fresh, clean scent. That makes me happy, and this oil? This makes me pretty darn thrilled.


  1. Oooh, I like the idea of this...

    Years ago when I was in Paris, I bought several big name perfumes directly (they're all produced at this one place in France). Anyway, they came in these little 24k gold flask thingies and they were just the cutest, most convenient things ever. Wish I could find them again!


  2. I have one of these oil-based ones with a favourite scent of mine - PURE by Alfred Sung.