Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Magnolias, Rhododendrons, and Camilas, oh my.

Work today is a bit insane, so super-quick post...

I am so excited! Yesterday at lunch I reserved three GORGEOUS (and amazingly inexpensive) magnolia trees. Well, one giant tree and two big bushes. I can't wait to pick them up.The white flowers will get to be 6"-10" in diameter. THe tall tree is 15feet with a 3"+ diameter trunk. The two bushes are 4-6' in diameter each.

I can't wait. They're going to help build a bit of a barrier between the shared neighbor path and our yard (well, mostly our deck). One of these days I'll draw a detailed map so people can know what my loony rants are about.
But so pretty. And, to join the magnolias....

I will be purchasing a few more camillias. We have a couple in the front in big boxes, but they're another plant that I'd like to put in the magnolia HUGE boxes (they'll be about 2-3' tall because of the large roots).
And, I bought two rhododendrons (also for an amazing price) that are already pretty large-- 2' diameter, 2.5-3' tall. The blooms will look purple, but then open to a purpleish white.
I think the boxes will be a wonderful natural barrier-- filled with greenery and white, purple and pink flowers, depending upon the time of year. The magnolias are evergreen, so no matter the season, there will be some color over there.

Photos to come. I didn't pick up the plants yet; they were too gorgeous to cram into my car. I'll rent a truck and go pick them up. Hurray for Home Depot and their cheap truck rentals! But, it might be a U-Haul rental if something else works out. No, we aren't moving.... but there's another something I want to get. More details later, depending on if it does or doesn't work out!

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  1. Nooo... NOOO!!! It is unfair that you're going to have these beautiful, gorgeous flowers in your possession without murdering them. Unfair! I can't even VENTURE into your blog anymore without infecting you with my black thumb ways. Look away! Look away!