Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today needs a reset button... and it's only 9:30.

Woke up with a sore throat, again.

Woke up on the couch, because I couldn't get comfy last night, so I came down to the couch. Now stiff.

Went out to feed the chickens, and the electric company was blocking me in the driveway.

Called my work to say the electric company was blocking me and I couldn't leave for 15-20 mins, and they say "well, we need your office today anyway, so we're going to put all your papers away and use it." Um, ok.

Electric company leaves, but they don't trim the right trees completely.

Call my boss to determine what project he wants me to work on. He wants me to work on one he never gave me.

The gladiola bulb bag broke open a few days ago, and now the darn dog wants to gum them. GROSS (and probably bad for her-- I need to do some quick research).

So now I'm at home, without work, with a sore throat. I'm thinking about calling a truce, grabbing some meds and Ricola, and going out to find sod.

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