Friday, March 26, 2010


It's pretty soggy out today. It's been raining outside since Wednesday evening.
While all my plants are getting watered, I have no desire to work outside. Just to cold and mucky.

My hens have a plastic tarp over their pen, so hopefully they'll be happier today than yesterday. I suspect they spent most of yesterday under their coop or in it.

Speaking of hens, this morning, they had a big treat in store. Normal feed, but also: cooked rice, cooked chopped beats and greens, and slightly cooked and chopped radishes and greens. Nom. They were very confused by it and were very inspecting little chickens, but hopefully, most of it will be gone when I get home. I'm trying to feed them more and more vegetables. It's cutting down on our compost pile a bit, but that's ok. Hopefully, my coworkers will start giving me their veggie scraps to use also. I'd love to get the chickens on a mostly-veggie and bug diet.

Yawn. I wish to go home now and make plant pots.

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