Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday to-dos....

Life works nicely when I make lists and goals, so.... to dos:

If rainy:
  • Transfer food to new freezer and organize
  • Plant rest of peas in the temporary paper pots (get some dirt)
  • Put blood meal around the garlic (rain=good for soaking it in) and roses.
  • Poke around at the recycling place for freezer dividers
  • Create planting list for the next week
  • Buy screws at Home Depot
  • Plant 4 blueberry plants that have been sitting outside, sadly.
  • Call tractor guy to see when available.
  • Buy new staples for staple gun (the right size this time... sigh)
If only semi-rainy:
  • Finish flower rock planter and plan flowers (and plant bulbs)
  • Make bean trellises
  • As much of the "indoor list" as possible.
  • Stack firewood under the deck.

Right now though? My arms ache. More later on this, but really, you need a wickedly powerful rear-tine rototiller to handle my yard. Or a tractor. This was learned after 6 hours of pain this afternoon. Yes, I got work done, and no, I did NOT get hurt. I'm just sore as all heck and pretty beat up. Chalk up 1 point for the ancient riverbed yard.

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