Monday, March 15, 2010

How to gow peas (and a muddy dog documentary)

Yummy yummy peas.
You have to get peas started so that they will produce before the temperatures are regularly over 70 degrees. Once that happens, you're doomed. The peas will get mildew, wither, and die. Such is the life of a pea. I started my peas towards the later end of the pea-planting season here, but I should still get results (knock on wood).

Here's how to get peas started gently and quickly. This works better than just planting a pea into soil, in my opinion.

Step 1: Get a bowl. I wrote the name of the pea type on the side of the bowl in dry-erase marker. I'm growing 3 types of peas, so I wanted to keep track. Fill the bowl with warm water and soak your peas in it overnight. Make sure you put at least a 5:1 water:pea ratio, so the peas will be covered in water still after

Step 2: Get moist paper towels. Put the seeds in between the towels. I wrote the name of the peas on the paper towels in pencil to keep track. I used a baking pan for this part of the project. Put at least 2 layers of towels on top the seeds and at least 1 layer underneath the seeds. This will help keep the seeds moist. Set somewhere warm (but not too warm... like 60-68 degrees. On top my coffee maker by the sunny window worked well). Pour water over the paper towels to keep moist.

And voila! After 1.5 days, you can see the little sprouts....
And after 2.5 days, the sprouts are longer and ready for planting.
You have to be VERY CAREFUL not to break the sprouts. You also have to treat the seeds delicately so you won't crush any possible teeny roots. Put the seeds in soil and water WELL.

And now for the muddy dog documentary.

Hello, my name is Maddie. I'm a Corgi, and I love the mud. I really don't know why my owners decided to get a corgi when they wanted a clean dog. I mean, I live in Oregon. I have short legs. There's a lot of mud here. Of COURSE I'm going to get muddy.

See, look at all this mud. And this is after my dad dog owner washed me with the hose. The HOSE people. I mean, talk about not getting what I'm owed. A warm water bath I still won't love, but it's better than the cold hose.
Getting muddy sure is exhausting.
See, by lying like this, you can see the full depth of my muddiness. This took skills. And, it should be noted that last week, my mom dog owner spent a good HOUR getting all the mud balls off the underside of my fur. HA! That'll teach her.
All in all? It's a good life. Especially after a day romping in the mud.

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  1. I have a similar low-riding dog. Ah, the mud. YOur corgie is ADORABLE! :)