Friday, April 3, 2009

Chair cover dilemma II

So, a wise friend of mine (thanks eireann!) suggested I look into renting chair covers. As much as I thought "no! I have the material!", I realized it was a possibly good solution to the problem of time management to make versus the cost of buying.

Uh huh. Not so.

Would you believe that to RENT chair covers it's $4-$5 a piece? No joke! So really BUYING them online is cheaper. OMG. What a ripoff! I thought for sure that the rental woudl be cheaper.

Now, granted, I'm limiting my search to this area; I don't want to have my friends go to TONS of hassle to return various things to various places that we've rented from. But still, I don't live on a desert island. There were a few places! And no success.

So, we're back to buying versus making. I think I'll wait a couple of weeks for somethign to get sorted out at work, and THEN make the decision. :) We could always use the material to instead make the walls in the ugly knotty pine section look better... or/and put swaths over the windows... hmmm...


  1. well, at least now i know not to suggest renting them again. :)

  2. It was a GREAT idea! I just don't get why they're more expensive to RENT than buy? Seriously, why?