Friday, April 3, 2009

Inside of reception hall

So, here's the inside of the hall. The tables and chairs we will set up-- they were only up and about because there was an event the night before.The eating area is a big U-shape around the dance floor. Lower ceilings in the eating area, and then the dance floor has high ceilings. The walls are all white... except for one stupid section that has knotty pine walls (yuck). The dance floor actually has the pine too, but that actually works there b/c of the fireplace. We may do something with that, but we have to see about time...

So here's the dance floor looking towards one portion of the eating area. You can't tell, but the ceiling above the photographer here is tall. That's why we can get away hanging the BIG lanterns here (there's space).

The fireplace in the dance floor area. No, we won't use it, but it looks rustic. I like. Everywhere in the eating area has carpet, but on the dance floor it's wood. I like that too. Oh, and theyjust replaced the carpet to a red color-- wonderful. Now we don't have to worry about spilling red wine as much!

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