Friday, April 10, 2009

Centerpiece Construction

First of all, the cats have been no help. They just laze and get into things (thus why all my laundry on the bed has been pushed onto the floor). Those nutbrains.

So, the centerpiece construction begins with balloons. They're all about the same size (thus the centerpieces will be about the same size. I tape them onto cups so they're easier to dry after they're paper mached.
Note: Drying place must be away from cats. On top of the fridge= good because much more air circulation than say, the bathroom. Plus, if they fall, it's not onto carpet. I use phone book pages! VERY easy to work with, and you don't get that newspaper gray all over your fingers.
More on the construction in a later post, but I also wanted to show off my roses today. I have been working on them for so long! I cannot wait to actually put them on the structures and see how many centerpieces I have. Here are a few loose roses (each about 1"-1.5" in diameter).
And here is my pride and joy box!! It's a 2' high box and 2' wide, and a little over 1' deep. There are HUNDREDS in here, definitely well over a thousand. Believe you me, this box is staying far away from the furball terrible threesome.

Next steps:
* Paper mache more balloons.
* Then flip them over and paper mache the bottom part (where they are in the cups).
* Let all that dry.
* Then paint the paper mache red.
* Let that dry.
* Stick done paper mache balloon into ceramic pot,draw line around balloon where pot hits balloon (that's your stop line-- don't put any roses past that point because they'd be hidden in the pot).
* THEN, I can glue on the roses. HOPEFULLY SOON!!!!!
I'd like to get all the paper mache done at once, because it's really a PAIN to have to do again and again. Get the mess done and over with, you know? I'm finding that most things with this wedding are better done in mass quantity. It lets me judge better how much is done and how long it took me to do a bigger chunk. Plus, it is more time efficient (no time lost between lots of small tasks).

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