Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guest list

One thing about doing the catering yourself is that you don't freak out as much over cost when you hear of another person/pair coming. A friend of mine is getting married soon... and that's all she can think about. Each person = an additional, what, like $33 (for dinner alone).

B and I talked about this when we first started planning, and we didn't want to cringe at our friends and family RSVPing yes. That is one of the reasons we're catering.

I re-did the guest count this morning. Though we haven't sent out invites, more people are contacting and/or we're hearing somehow that they will/won't make it. So, our guest list is getting a bit more accurate.

We're up to 101.

My plan to plan for 100 is now bunk... so I will now plan for 110. If we end up with 115, FINE-- but then I will only have 5 additional to worry about, rather than 15 additional.

So happy! We have so many great friends!

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