Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Invites, continued...and why I love B

Last night continued the saga of invites. I have decided that the back office will not get cleaned out until after invites are sent. We NEED to get invites sent SOON, so it seems kinda stupid to spend time clearing out a room. Granted, the room clearing needs to occur, but the invites need to occur first, so.... no cleaning for now.

Got 12 invites worked on, did another step on 5 more. It's work! At least it's work I can watch TV to, but still.

Tonight: Same old same old. But...

(Why I love B)
...B MAY come home tonight for a mid-week visit! I feel bad... he drives 2.5 hours each way. And of course, it makes me worried to have him drive so far when he's tired, you know? He claims he isn't, but I still fret.

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