Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Changing the cake...

So, I talked it over with B last night, and I think we're changing the cake style. I love that we can do this, and we only have to consult each other.

While the plumeria are pretty, B was worried that the white on white icing wouldn't show up well. Plus, with the exception of the yellow on the inside of the flowers, they don't really pull out our colors very well. Plus, the BRIGHT green leaf next to the white on white was really popping... good, but in a distracting way too.

So I think we're going to paint (food coloring) the flowers one of our bright colors (orange or red) and then have their centers be the opposite color (orange or red). So, we'll end up with orange flowers with red centers or red flowers with orange centers. We'll put a few yellow stamens in a few flowers just to tie it all together, or we'll have yellow ribbon dividing the layers. It will be a BRIGHT cake, but it will match us a LOT better. We'll still have some green leaves, but they won't pop quite so much because they will be under loads of flowers. And, we will still have the vanilla beans, but they will be sprinkled throughout, and in nest-like piles on the bottom and in a next on the top for the birdie cake-toppers.

We're going to play around with it this weekend, but I like the idea. Oh, and our flowers will be similar, but all different. I got some new flower molds so it won't just be plumeria-shaped flowers. We'll have big and small and in-between. I love it. I think B does too, because he seemed very excited. He was the one who brought some of the problems to my attention, and I appreciate that SO much. It's a joint effort, right? He told me what he liked and disliked, we realized I felt the same about some of them, and we worked together.

Photos will be posted when I have them!

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