Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day off

Last night I took the night off. B came home (!!!), and we went for a walk. Gosh, it was so nice to have him home mid-week. I miss him so much! Once he gets his own place (and is no longer staying with friends), we'll do this every week, I hope, and we'll be able to take turns.

My dad is worried about the cake. I appreciate and understand the worry... but I really do think it will be easier than he makes it out to be. Since B will have his own apartment, EVERYTHING will be down there by the week before the wedding. EVERYTHING. I have the goal of being done with everythign by 2 weeks before the wedding, but at the very latest, 1 week before the wedding. I think the cake will work, but some convincing may need to take place. I had planned on making a 2-tier mock-up, but a larger mockup may be necessary to convince him (and me on my construction abilities....).


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