Monday, April 27, 2009

Why I love B

He is helping. I had a bad week last week, as the invitations are taking longer than I want and so I am stressed. So, B steps in and helps out. He is trying to find an apartment, trying to sort out hotels, and soon will begin working on music.

The stress of jobs and marriage classes and wedding and families and not enough time has really weighed heavily on our minds these past few weeks. Too much to do, we're not where we want to be geographically (ie: in the same city as each other), and we are so frustrated.

But this weekend, it felt like the tides had turned. We both know what has caused our frustration, and it's not each other. This weekend, there wasn't any grumpiness. We let our frustration take second tier to each other, and we had so much fun. :)

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