Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ok, it still need some more work (especially the office), but there it is so far. 

Office (wedding storage). All the boxes are nicely labeled. And we will have more boxes soon. It should be all clean and cleared, but we need to get the boxes from my office... so until then, there's a little clutter.

Bedroom. We're constantly facing the problem of "we will be moving in the next year... we want a house in the next year or so... so what do we buy?" We don't want to buy any more furniture, but we also NEEDED more clothing storage. So, forgive that it doesn't MATCH. But this set-up makes me so happy. B too. I will label the bins today. But everything is so nicely sorted, and there is so much more counter space. The expedit bookshelves from Ikea are SOO perfect for flexibility.

New basket from Ikea. PERFECT for make up. I had a make-up bag, but you paw around in there so much that you get your makeup everywhere. Stuff falls on the ground, shatters, crumbles, and you make a mess. And the man whose beard hair gets everywhere comments that makeup is everywhere. Seriously? How can the beard hair go everywhere but makeup containers bother him? 

Anyway. here's the new organization. And i love it! 

The new linen closet. Very organized. Some of those glass jars will end up goign in the kitchen. SUCH a good deal at Ikea-- $4 for the tall ones, $3 for the small ones. Seriously! Amazing. We didn't want to tackle the kitchen organization TOO this weekend, so for now, the jars are stored in here. 
Now on to weekend crafting...

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