Monday, April 27, 2009

Gardening Delights

I don't have a yard, but my friend does! We made 8 lovely high rows, each about 20 feet long! And there's a corn patch and a green bean area. I am so excited. Granted, I'll only get probably a few of the veggies (it is her garden), but still, yay for fresh vegetables.

BUT, I also have my own little teeny garden (photos coming soon). My office gets good afternoon sun, so I have 5 pots right now:

Pot 1: Curly oregano
Pot 2: Butter lettuce
Pot 3: Rosemary and chives
Pot 4: Butter lettuce
Pot 5: Spinach

This is in addition to my jade and curly willow that I rescued. There is actually room for 3 or so more pots, so this must be pondered.... Hmmm. I'd love more spinach and lettuce, actually. It has to be small. I'll keep the plants a manageable size by snipping.

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