Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roses and paper mache and stupid cat

Last night, I finished up the rest of the roses I had cutouts for, and I paper mache'd 2 balloons. I kept the paste sealed in the fridge, so if the consistency was good for them, then I'll use that again tonight. I suspect I may need to add more flour though...

I just realized I left the balloons taped on cups on the coffee table. they're not paper mache'd yet. I think there are 5 balloons on cups out there (they're on cups for stability reasons while I paper mache). The cats could have fun with them.... though I suspect they'd FREAK the heck out if a balloon popped. If Frankie is stuck in the ceiling, I'll know what happened.

Speaking of that furball, I woke up this morning to him ON TOP of a 7-box tall stack of boxes. What!? How'd he get up there and WHY did he want up? Probably chasing a piece of dust or something. Regardless, the once-stable box stack (FULL OF BOOKS, may I add) was leaning precariously. The vacuum was the only thing keeping it up. I yelled at that dustbag of a cat, he scampered off happily, and I amended the box situation. TROUBLEMAKER!

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