Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dinner Menu

We have decided to have a very family traditional meal, one that is special to us. So, here's the manu:

ROULADIN: pounded beef, with spices, rolled around a pickle, onion, and piece of bacon. It's delicious, I swear. And the good thing is, if you hate pickles or onions or bacon, you can remove them easily (see cross-cut picture, below). Served with gravy.

SPATZLE: I'm not putting the umlaut in the name right now, but there is one over the A. It's hand-made egg noodles. I have a press that makes them. They don't taste like eggs, but they don't taste heavy like pasta noodles either. Fluffier, and they hold flavor of whatever you're serving well. You serve this with the same gravy as the rouladin.
MACARONI AND CHEESE: B's favorite. And he's responsible for making it. It's the only food that has to be cooked soon before serving (the other baked items can be frozen ahead of time), so he's in charge of making this while I work on flowers on Friday (day before wedding)

SPINACH SALAD: B's family recipe. This will have to be tossed together, but the assistants can do that.

REGULAR SALAD: We may have sort of a salad-bar situation with fixings available, as well as various dressings.
DINNER ROLLS: Finally, dinner rolls.

We will also have wine, water, and punch. After dinner, there will be tea, and regular and decaf coffee also. And of course, cake will follow a bit after dinner. All in all, I think it works.
Info on appetizers later....

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