Friday, April 3, 2009

Why I love B

He whispered in my ear last week "end of the year, 2009"... as to when we'd get a dog. Personally, I think he has a tad lofty of expectations (we said we'd get a dog when we get a house...), but I love that he can be a dreamer. We both cannot wait to get a dog. A big, burly, sheddy, fantastic golden retriever, probably.

I have been thinking about that comment ALL week long. I knew he wanted one (we've talked about it a LOT), but to have him indicate a goal was just so sweet.

If it's a girl, I think the name "Sunny" is cute. :) Especially ironic in Oregon!

PS: The dog on the blog at the top is our friends' dog, Sadie. She was very excited about a WALK and snow, as you may be able to tell. B lavished attention on her, but also taught her to sit at before crossing a street with him. And, in the process, won over our friends ("love me, love my dog" should be their motto.

1 comment:

  1. Aww how sweet, yes dogs are so special.

    I was curious about the dog on your header, she is too cute, I love the expression.